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The Easy way ?

EasyGUI is an easy and simple way to create a Graphical User Interface on an Android device without any Android programming experience. The system works by sending simple messages via WiFi (using TCP) from any device and any operating system, to a target Android device (Mobile Phone or Tablet). These messages are simple strings that allow the creation of 12 different standard Android Widgets and a virtually unlimited number of Pages on each Template.

The most significant thing about these Widgets are, that they are all Dynamic. Meaning that their size, shape, position, and color can be changed even after they were created, even during run-time.

Basically EasyGUI works as a Client, communicating with a Server on another device. The server maybe any kind of hardware using any Operating System. All the logic resides in the Server which can be written in ANY language, (Python, Basic, C, C++, Pascal, JavaScript, Lua etc.) as long as they can send a message using Sockets. This way most of the effort in creating an App can be concentrated at the Business End. The format of the messages are simple Key/Value pairs, of variable length. For example, to create a button the following string need be sent: 01=MyButton. All the other properties of the widget can also be described by equally simple messages Ie. Left=500 indicating the leftmost position of the Widget. This way the widgets can be placed and sized within a single pixel accuracy.