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  • Client: An Android device, A Mobile Phone, An Android Tablet or A Laptop running the Android Operating System
  • Server: Any kind of Computing device, A DeskTop, Laptop, Mobile phone, Single Board Computer (SBC) that is capabale of WiFi communication using Sockets. It may be an Apple Phone or Tablet, An IBM compatible desktop, a Linux system, Another Android device of any kind, or an SBC like the ESP32 or Arduino.
  • Template: One or more pages containg EasyGUI widgets.
  • Widget: A Graphical User Interface Item, that allows communication with the user.

Command Format

Each Command consists of a Key/Value pair, where the Key is separated from the Value by an Equal (=) sign. Multiple Commands maybe strung together where each Command is seperated by a Tilde (~). The first Command in a multiple Command line must be the Command that identifies the Type and ID of the Widget. The ID of a Widget must be unique. Even in a multiple Page Template. All keywords are Case sensitive. There must NOT be spaces between separators.


in a Multi Page Template, The first page is always "Page0, followed by Page1, Page2. etc. in that strict sequence. There is no practical limit to the number of pages a Template may contain.